Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability
Stock Code / 股票編號 : 0758
Nominal / 股價 : HKD 0.168
Last Updated / 更新於 : 22/03/2023 17:59
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Dividend Announcement
Financial Year Particulars Ex Date Book Closed Date
Book Closed Date
Payable Date
2022/12No Int Div----
2021/12No Fin Div----
2021/12No Int Div----
2020/12No Fin Div----
2020/12No Int Div----
2019/12No Fin Div----
2019/12No Int Div----
2018/12No Fin Div----
2018/12No Int Div----
2017/12No Fin Div----
2017/12No Int Div----
2016/12No Fin Div----
2016/12No Int Div----
2016/12Sp Div 18.55 cts02/02/201604/02/201605/02/201619/02/2016
2015/12No Fin Div----
2015/12No Int Div----
2014/12No Fin Div----
2014/12No Int Div----
2013/12Fin Div 0.8 ct09/06/201411/06/201412/06/201420/06/2014
2013/12Int Div 1 ct16/09/201318/09/201319/09/201330/09/2013
2012/12Fin Div 1.5 cts03/06/201305/06/201306/06/201317/06/2013
2012/12Int Div 1 ct11/09/201213/09/201214/09/201225/09/2012
2011/12Fin Div 1.5 cts30/05/201201/06/201204/06/201213/06/2012
2011/12Int Div 1 ct31/08/201102/09/201106/09/201114/09/2011
2010/12Fin Div 1.5 cts23/05/201125/05/201130/05/201103/06/2011
2010/12Int Div 1 ct31/08/201002/09/201003/09/201014/09/2010
2009/12Fin Div 1.5 cts17/05/201019/05/201025/05/201001/06/2010
2009/12No Int Div----
2009/12Rts 1 for 2 @$0.108/05/200912/05/200920/05/200916/06/2009
2008/12No Fin Div----
2008/12No Int Div----
2007/12No Fin Div----
2007/12No Int Div----
2006/12No Fin Div----
2006/12No Int Div----
2005/12No Fin Div----
2005/12No Int Div----
2004/12No Fin Div----
2004/12No Int Div----
2003/12No Fin Div----
2003/12No Int Div----
2002/12No Fin Div----
2002/12No Int Div----
2001/12No Fin Div----
2001/12Int Div 1 ct11/10/200115/10/200119/10/2001-
2000/12No Fin Div----
2000/12No Int Div----
1999/12Fin Div 4 cts, Bonus 1 2002 wt for 1019/06/200021/06/200028/06/2000-